Business Development

AWS + Developer Lockin

AWS + Developer Lockin

The recent claims of ‘developer lock-in’ to AWS from one of the newer PaaS companies got me thinking. Big dev ecosystems draw developers in w/ services + price points that are attractive – the more the better, making them bigger. Rinse, repeat.

Glue Conference Ticket Giveaway

Win a Ticket to Glue Conference 2011 Do you want to attend Glue Conference 2011 in Denver but either don’t have the budget or simply haven’t yet registered?   Here’s your chance to win a pass to the full conference, including all the keynotes, sessions, and evening reception.  Glue brings together the deep thinkers – designers, [...]

Glue Conference 2009

The inaugural Glue Conference was held this week & it was, as expected, fantastic. When I saw Eric last November at Defrag, he told me he was starting another conference.  My one sentence response was ‘let me know how I can help’.  He promised he would. Fast forward a few months and there I was [...]

How to Win Friends and Influence People

I was having dinner last night with a friend, who recently became Director of Operations for his company. We were discussing how he is navigating the waters, and he relayed a few of his techniques for dealing with “push-back” – that behavioral characteristic displayed by business-persons when confronted with something or someone that is challenging [...]

Customer Service

Seth Godin is riffing on customer service this morning & mentioned this from Joel, who runs Fog Creek Software. I became so engaged with what Joel is saying that I wanted to link to it here: Good stuff, and I’m pleased to report that Freepository is already doing most of this (and from this [...]