Obama’s Tax Plan

This morning I read (again) the published details on Obama’s Tax Plan.  You can certainly go read them yourself, but I’m going to republish the summary here:

Impact of the Obama Tax Plan

Married Couple Making $75,000 with two children, one of whom is in college  $3,700
 [includes $1,000 Making Work Pay; $500 universal mortgage credit; and $4,000 college credit net of current college credits]  
Married Couple making $90,000 $1,000 
Single Parent making $40,000 with two young children and childcare expenses. $2,100
[includes $500 making work pay; $500 universal mortgage credit, and $1,100 from Obama expansion of the child care tax credit] 
70-Year Old Widow Making $35,000 $1,900 

Source: Calculations based on IRS Statistics of Income. Tax savings is conservative; does not account for up to $500 in savings from expanded Savers Credit and the $2,500 in savings per family from the Obama healthcare plan.


Full Obama Tax Plan
Comparison of the Obama and McCain Tax Plans
Key Facts About Obama and Taxes


Dear Senator McCain: We remember the Keating 5 (you were one of them)

Lest we forget, the last time the country had to bailout an industry – the savings & loans of the late 1980s – John McCain was right in the middle of it.  What came to be known as The Keating Five included none other than John McCain, current Republican nominee for President of the United States.

This video was brought to my attention this morning via twitter, but because it was not running properly on the original site, I’ve downloaded & embedded it here.

The original video and more may be found here http://www.keatingeconomics.com/