Connections, Leadership and Dick Costolo

dickcI haven’t met Dick Costolo yet, but did have a near-miss dinner w/ him several years back. Just before he accepted a role at Twitter, I noticed him traveling to SFO a bit + reached out one evening in an attempt to grab dinner together. We missed each other because, as he put it

“…oh bugger you couldn’t dm me. I hate that. Ok, ill follow you starting tonight.”

He sent me his cell number, too, and though we tried a few more times, the dinner connection remained elusive & unfulfilled.

Brad’s post (linked below), while focused on Dick’s leadership style & skills, made me think about how readily he replied to & engaged with me back then. I suspect this occurs less frequently today, as the demands on his time have certainly increased by orders of magnitude. But it speaks to his style – his personality – and I think that’s Brad’s ultimate point.



Don’t install TortoiseSVN v 1.6.2?

Update: TortoiseSVN 1.6.3 is stable and works well — jbminn

A friend of mine forwarded this to me a few days ago; I filed it away under ‘refer to later’.   Later just arrived, as I saw someone tweet about a TortoiseSVN issue on Vista.

I’m relaying this here in the hope that it saves folks the hassle of figuring it out themselves.

I [installed TortoiseSVN 1.6.2] this morning, and it just failed silently, After digging out some logs etc, I found the very helpful Microsoft message "Application did not start because its side-by-side configuration was not correct"
That has to be one of the most non-enlightening error messages of all time.

I had come across that myself before with ScreenCap, and I was able to figure out that it has some mysterious connection to the .NET framework. However, my work-around was pretty ugly, and not useful in this case.

My recovery for tortoise is that I had to uninstall the new version, restart 3 times to make sure that windows forgot about it it, and then install the older (1.6.1) version.

From previous experience with this side-by-side nonsense, this seems to be Vista specific because I’ve never seen that message in an XP machine. Interestingly enough, I didn’t see a bug report on the tortoise site, but I only did a cursory look through the list.

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Ajax Logfile Viewer – revisited

Almost two years ago, I wrote a log file viewer that asynchronously tails a log file & updates a <div> inside a a page.  As a courtesy to other engineers, I posted about it.

The funny thing about that is, although it is one of my most widely *viewed* posts, there are only a few comments.  This leads me to conclude that the highly technical software engineers who’ve arrived at the post via a search are very interested in learning how I’ve done it (check here for the post & you’ll see an explanation, the source code & a working example), but they aren’t interested in having a conversation. 

Someone else1 pointed out that Google searches dropped off dramatically during Obama’s Inauguration, while both Twitter & Facebook usage skyrocketed.  This elicits the position that search is not a social application; it is performed as & when needed purely for information.  I’m fascinated by the very real anecdotal evidence of this in my own server logs.

1 Sarah Lacey http://www.sarahlacy.com/sarahlacy/2009/01/google-dethroned.html

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A very systemsy day

I’ve done more systems work today than is typical.

The mail server, after a brutal spam thrashing that began 24 hours ago (see below), has been turned back on with updated Spamassassin rules, enhanced by the always awesome Mailscanner interface.  I’ve also completed the earlier-mentioned theme update.

And, moments ago, I reenabled twitterfeed.  I’m feeling like I’m getting close to convergence of my online presence.  If I could eliminate email… that’d be nice.

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